Krishna and Ali

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Krishna and Ali (a.s)
The present subject under discussion is a controversial one and may annoy many of the Muslims (Shies and Sunnis) and Hindus as well. But the pivot of my discussion are only those broad minded researchers who are ever in pursuit of truth and ready to imbibe truth howsoever bitter it may be. Regarding the bitterness of truth the Holy Prophet of Islam said,

“Al-haqq-u-murrun: Truth is bitter”

To swallow truth you have to first prepare yourself, and also you have to give effort during the process of swallowing, and even after giving all the efforts it sometimes regurgitates back.People with strong conviction do not fear in going through even the wildest and most radical of theories, just like a ocean explorer who tethered to a ship with a very strong rope, possessing a big oxygen cylinder, dares to go into the abyss of the ocean in search of a treasure. Quran says,

“Hold you tightly to the rope of Allah which shall never…
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